Notion A-to-Z.

A profound new way to master Notion
and prepare for certification.
From the creator of Notion VIP
and Notion's expanding certification programs.
“William Nutt has been with us since the very early days. Notion was a tiny team of six when we first partnered, and he has since remained an invaluable resource to our company and the user community. William knows Notion as well as anyone—and teaches it like none other.”
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Ivan Zhao, Founder & CEO, Notion
What is it?

Notion A-to-Z is an interactive, ongoing journey to Notion mastery. It’s a living workspace that’s rich in insights and resources, continuously refreshed as Notion evolves.

Readings, visual demos, practical exercises and quizzes teach essential concepts in a format that makes Notion ”click” unlike any other course. Along the way, you’ll build sophisticated Notion features with information from your own life or work.

The workspace also includes the reimagined Bulletproof Workspace, along with extensive indexes of key terms, keyboard shortcuts and FAQs.

Designed for users at every level, Notion A-to-Z will make you an end-to-end expert, and prepare you for Notion’s growing assortment of certifications. That includes Notion Certified, the Consultant designation, and other specialties underway—all of which William developed and administers for Notion.

Notion A-to-Z is not required for certification, nor does it guarantee certification.
What will I learn?

You’ll learn the core functions of Notion, strategic methods for implementing them, and the logistics of workspace administration. Beginning with the building blocks, you’ll progress toward the advanced database features and integrations that fuel the most powerful Notion workspaces. Among other topics, that will include:

  • Blocks, Pages and Workspaces
  • Sharing & Collaboration
  • Updates & Reminders
  • In-Line References & Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Database Views & Linked Databases
  • Relations, Rollups & Formulas
  • Database Templates
  • API-Powered Integrations
  • Guest, Members & Groups
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Third-Party Tools
Some topics remain in development. See "progressive pricing" below for details.
Who’s the mastermind?

William Nutt is a vanguard of the Notion community and a celebrated expert. His website Notion VIP is the most frequently referenced independent resource for Notion users, and his Bulletproof method is the most widely employed framework and top-selling template. Scores of teams contract William to guide their Notion implementations.

William also works directly for Notion in many capacities. He co-authored the official documentation, developed and manages Notion's official certifications, and trains the advanced tier of Notion's support team. Through Notion A-to-Z, he'll elevate your expertise to the same level.

What's progressive pricing?

With its unique blend of insights and teaching methods, Notion A-to-Z is already an unrivaled resource for learning Notion and preparing for certification. It boasts more than 30 immersive lessons and practical exercises; a glossary exceeding 100 key terms, over 150 mock exam questions, and the basis of a reimagined Bulletproof Workspace. Nonetheless, the vision is much grander.

As a "living" resource, Notion A-to-Z is in an early phase of its journey. With the code EarlyBirdAtoZ, you can still secure a remarkably low entry fee. As William implements the roadmap and refreshes content with Notion's newest features, the price of Notion A-to-Z will rise. The earlier you participate, the lower your price, and the more influence you bear over the evolution of Notion A-to-Z.

Your access to the evolving workspace renews yearly at $48. You can cancel your subscription and discontinue access anytime.

Given the high volume of participation and, unfortunately, fraud, William must uphold an unconditional no-refund policy. It's in his interest to develop Notion A-to-Z as swiftly as possible, but he makes no guarantees about the timing of new features.

Elevate your Notion game.

Use the code EarlyBirdAtoZ to secure your best price.
As the workspace expands, so does the price.
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